Horus Heresy Warhammer 40000 (Edizione Inglese)

Horus Heresy  Warhammer 40000 (Edizione Inglese)
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Horus Heresy è un gioco da tavolo epico ambientato nel futuro dell'universo di Warhammer 40,000. Edizione in inglese.

Questo gioco di guerra comprende oltre 120 dettagliati modelli in miniatura, inclusi 10 elementi scenici di plastica e più di 200 schede per portare questo conflitto radicale per la vita su una mappa straordinaria della Terra dilaniata dalla guerra.

In the Horus Heresy board game, this legendary battle unfolds across the razed plains of Terra and in the frozen orbit above. Deadly fighting ranges from the Emperor’s golden Inner Palace to Horus’s flagship, the Vengeful Spirit. Taking the side of either traitor or loyalist, two players control either fearless Space Marine legions or deviant Chaos Space Marines, mighty Titans, Imperial Armies both loyal and traitorous, and a fearsome array of other units, including the Emperor and Horus themselves.

An innovative order and initiative system forces each side to carefully consider the commands they issue to their troops. A dramatic, card driven combat system incorporates escalating damage, gives players the opportunity to allocate resources between attack and defense, and brings to bear the unique special powers of each unit type, from fortification-destroying Titans to the perverse daemons of Chaos. Brother fights brother, and the universe hangs in the balance!

Horus Heresy includes over 120 detailed miniature models including 10 plastic terrain pieces, and more than 200 cards to bring this sweeping conflict to life on a stunning map of the war-torn Terra.

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